Bach flowers mix 110: Aggression in cats

Bach flowers mix 110 helps your cat to:

  • Reduce aggression 
  • Be less anxious 
  • Limit frustration 
  • Accept people as well as other cats 
  • Reduce stress 
* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

Content 50 ml

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    Tom Vermeersch
    Created by Tom Vermeersch
    Tom Vermeersch is a certified Psychologist and Bach flower expert with more than 30 years of experience.

    How many bottles do you need?

    • 1 bottle will last you about 1 month
    • The first results will start to show after a few days or weeks *
    • In my experience to get lasting results a period of three months is advised *


    Dose animals

    • 6 x 4 drops spread over the day or extra drops during hard times.

    • You can put the drops in their food or drinking water, or put it on something good or rub it on their nose

    About this mix

    • Handmade according to the instructions of Dr. Bach
    • Ready to use
    • Unique blend of Bach flowers
    • Gluten and allergen free
    • Ingredients: Water, Bach flower extracts
    • Frequently Asked Questions

    * Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

    Do you have an aggressive cat? Bach flowers can help!

    Aggression in catsAgression in cats is one of the most frequent problems next to lack of cleanliness.

    Aggression however, is very often wrongly interpreted. Many people think that an aggressive cat shows this behaviour out of anger or dominance. In many cases, this isn’t exactly right, there are plenty of reasons as to why a cat can express aggressive feelings. The most frequent forms of aggression are born out of anxiety or frustration.

    Petting and biting syndrome

    The petting and biting syndrome, also known as petting intolerance occurs frequently in cats. If you are a cat owner, then you certainly know about this problem. Your cat is sleeping quietly and enjoying your petting. But suddenly this moment of relaxation turns into aggression and your cat bites when petted. Anxiety and uncertainty play the biggest part in this. Bach flowers mix 110 helps to deal with these issues.

    Aggressive cat due to anxiety

    Kittens that are not well socialised from a young age will have trouble dealing with people. They are afraid of people and will therefore hiss or claw. If, as an owner, you react with anxiety, your cat will feel cornered. Bach flowers can help your cat to eliminate its fear of people.

    Aggression between cats in the same household

    Cats are very territorial. When there is suddenly another cat in the environment this can cause tension. For both cats, this can be a stressful situation. Tension and stress are built up and this can lead to aggression. Do you have a new cat in the house and does your cat show aggressive behaviour? Bach flowers mix 110 can help.

    Aggression out of frustration

    Aggression coming out of frustration occurs frequently in kittens who are bottle-fed. If kittens are educated by the mother cat, they receive important lessons from nature. They have to be patient when waiting for a drink if the mother cat decides to impose this.
    When your cat is raised by hand, then it doesn’t get this important life lesson.
    Frustration can occur in certain situations meaning you have to live with an aggressive cat.

    Aggression out of pain

    Aggression can also be caused by pain. If you have an aggressive cat, don’t forget to consult your vet to exclude the possibility of a physical cause.

    * Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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    * Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

    Cat - Georgina
    (5/5) Georgina Gilliver *

    It helps keep our household in a positive and happy state

    In reference to your request for our experience with Bach flowers 110 Agression in cats here are our findings: Sitation:- Introdcution of an uncastrated male Bengal of 1 yr cat into a house with 2 female neuters of the same breed ages 4.5yrs.

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    Maia et Azur
    (5/5) Danielle from France *

    Your drops for aggressive cats have played a big part in this improvement

    This little message is to tell you that the relation between my cats is so much better now.

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    Inkie en Lou
    (4/5) Ann Heireman *

    Thanks to the drops, they can be in the same room together

    With the help of Mix 110 they can now be in the same room together. Inkie still does not like it very much, but now he can tolerate Lou and the situation is still improving.

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    This treatment is fantastic
    (4/5) Donikian Fabienne *

    This treatment is fantastic

    Thanks a lot; my cat Guizmo was fighting with all the other cats from the neighbourhood and within one month of the treatment, he was doing much better and the fights were less violent.

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    * Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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