Animal behaviour, like human behaviour, is affected by emotions

Animal behaviour, like human behaviour, is affected by emotions

Animal behaviour and Bach Flowers

More and more animal lovers are discovering the benefits of Bach Flower remedies when used to treat problem animal behaviour. Alternative therapist vets use Bach Flower remedies to treat emotional issues affecting an animal’s behaviour. A number of factors can affect how an animal feels and behaves.

Understanding the cause of the imbalance and using appropriate Bach remedies aids many animals in areas such as: rehabilitation, training, recovery from illness, and in adjusting to new living circumstances. If you have a pet with problem behaviour which is caused by an emotional imbalance, Bach Flowers can help.

If you love something, set it free.

Animal behavioural problems


When you can understand the world from an animal’s perspective, you can start to free yourself and the creature from negative animal behaviour. Many pet owners approach alternative therapies with a certain amount of scepticism. However, as Bach Flower remedies are safe to give to animals, if the treatment turns out to be ineffective, there is no possibility of the animal experiencing side effects.


Both animals and humans can become trapped in a negative cycle of thinking, feeling, and behaving that affects everyday living. The flower remedies are able to target the issue at the root of an animal’s negative or destructive behaviour. Emotional imbalances typically causing problem animal behaviour are outlined in the following section.

Key areas of problem animal behaviour:

In human life, we are affected by periods of change and often go through difficult transitions emotionally. Animal life can follow a similar pattern of emotional peaks and troughs. The key areas of problem animal behaviour Bach Flowers can help with are:

  • During recovery from an illness or operation

  • To aid in training and learning new skills

  • For overcoming anxieties, phobias, and fears

  • For increasing confidence and zest for life

  • In rehabilitation of neglected, abused, or traumatised animals

  • Soothing animals during periods of transition, adjustment, and change

Typical animal behavioural problems:

Typical animal behavioural problems include: stress-related repetitive behaviours, destructive behaviours, fearfulness, depression, and over-possessiveness. Bach flower remedies work by rebalancing the animal’s emotions so that the negative behaviour stops. You can ask your Bach Flower therapist about which remedies can help your pet.

Before you give Bach Flower essences to your pet:

Your Bach Flower expert can prepare specially blended essences for treating your pet’s specific emotional issues. This method has helped many pet owners to experience a change in their pet’s problem animal behaviour. I advise you dilute the drops in the animals drinking water as the remedies should be taken in small amounts throughout the day.

Before you consider giving Bach Flower remedies to your pet, be sure to visit the vet to make sure there are no physical problems causing the change in the animal’s behaviour. The flower remedies won’t work if a physical ailment is at the root of the problem animal behaviour.

Bach flower personal mix

Bach flowers personal mix helps animals to :

  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Treat anxiety symptoms
  • Improve social contact
  • Avoid dominant behaviour
Discover how Bach flowers personal mix for animals can help you
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