Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam is used to treat fatigue

Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam is used to treat fatigue
Bach flower Hornbeam

Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)

The Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam is an effective way to treat people who become tired easily. Just the thought of looking at the day’s schedule will bring on feelings of acute fatigue. When used appropriately, Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam gives us the strength needed to get through each day while enjoying life to the full. This essence aids in balancing mind and body, so we can face mental or physical effort without feeling exhausted.

Say goodbye to tiredness with Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam.

The Hornbeam state causes a person to feel as though they have no strength left. Even small tasks present a challenge and they become tired easily. Before they even start working they will feel mentally and physically exhausted. Hornbeam people can be easily distracted from their work by other activities they enjoy doing more. Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam gives us the strength to get involved, so we can gain the momentum we need to keep going.
Situations Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam can help with:
Hornbeam people are usually extremely successful in life. However, at certain times in their lives they tend to suffer due to extreme mental and physical exhaustion. The Hornbeam state can cause someone to prefer to avoid working by doing other things. These people may seem to lack focus or are seen by others as plain lazy. But the truth is they feel overwhelmed by fatigue and lack the mental and physical strength needed to do the job. A Hornbeam individual may say things like ‘I feel tired just looking at my schedule today’ or ‘I couldn’t muster the strength to get going at work!’ This negative mindset means that a person finds each day drags by. An extreme Hornbeam state will cause an individual to lie in bed all day, while feeling they will be better off not getting up. Important engagements are put on a backburner and it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve anything. Life becomes intolerable when working seems impossible. In this type of situation, Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam is of benefit.

Using Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam to break the cycle:

Through using this essence, you can find a solution for combating the symptoms of physical and mental tiredness. With continued, regular use you’ll find you can tackle each day one task at a time. When each day gets off to a good start it’s easy to gain momentum and the time passes more quickly. You will discover a new inner strength to help you to keep going. Confidence starts to build with each accomplishment as working is no longer a chore. As belief in your abilities grows, each day becomes more fulfilling. When self-belief is restored, you will approach each day with renewed vigor as you begin to realize you have more important things to do than sitting around worrying how much work there is still to do. Rediscover the joy of living and feel rejuvenated by using Bach Flower Essence Hornbeam.


Bach flower number 17: Hornbeam

Bach flower Hornbeam helps those who have:

  • A lack of inner liveliness
  • A Monday morning feeling
  • Mental exhaustion
  • A feeling of being tired and washed-out
  • The need for starting power or energy
Discover how Bach flower Hornbeam can help you
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