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Why is the price different then the Bach Rescue bottles from the shop?

The price is actually cheaper because the content of these bottles are 50 ml (instead of the 20 ml bottle in the shop) and also there are 2 more Bach flowers being used.

Why is the taste different?

The Bach Flower First Aid Remedy contains no added alcohol, which makes the taste less strong. Bach flower First Aid has a neutral taste in comparison to the strong alcoholic taste in the normal Rescue Remedy.

Why can't I get the Bach Flower First Aid Remedy in the store?

The Bach Flower First Aid Remedy is a personalised combination which is not commercialised. That's why they aren't sold to shops, pharmacies or herbal stores. They are handmade, so I can guarantee good quality.

How do you apply Bach flowers to animals?

There are different ways to give the drops. All of which work the same:

  • Put them in their drinking water

  • Mixing in the food

  • Putting it on a treat or cookie that they love

  • Rub it behind their nose, ears or temples. 

When you give the daily dose Bach flower in the drinking water, you have to make sure it drank all the drinking water by the end of the day.

How can I make sure they drink their water with drops during the day?

Putting the drops in the drinking water is just one way to give the Bach flowers. The problem here is that you’re not always sure they have drunk their water during the day. Because of this I advice rubbing the drops near the nose, that way they definitely get them in and you can spread the drops throughout the day.

Can I apply the drops on the coat?

You can put the drops near the nose, temples or behind the ears. They will work the same as if you put them in the drinking water.

Can I give the drops in its food?

Yes you can, it also works the same way.

Is it harmful if a second animal eats or drinks the drops?

Bach flowers are completely natural and cannot bring harm. When you have two pets and one pet has to take the drops, it's harmless if they both take it. Should the other pet come to take the drops, it will not do him any harm. Bach flowers only work on things that are out of balance.

Should I give the drops when they need it or throughout the day?

It is best to spread the drops throughout the day. When your pet has a difficult moment, you can always give it an extra dose, even shortly after each other.

Is the alcohol in the Bach flower harmful for my pet?

In a personalised Bach flower mix you’ll find no added alcohol that can harm your pet.

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