7 tips to help your dog with a fear of fireworks

7 tips to help your dog with a fear of fireworks
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As nice as it is for a person to celebrate New Year, it's not so nice for a dog, especially when the loud fireworks go off the whole night. This is really frightening for many dogs.

Read our 7 tips on how you can help your dog with his fear of fireworks. Many people are too busy planning their celebrations for New Year's Eve and forget to make the necessary preparations for their dog.

Help your dog through the New Year with these tips:

You can't change how your dog feels about fireworks, but with these tips you can make his/her night a bit more comfortable.

  • Make sure you dog is in a place where they feel secure. Preferably in their own home. Are you celebrating with friends or family? Take your beloved pet with you, and make sure that you stay close to them when the fireworks begin. You can also bring a favourite toy.
  • Even if your dog is in a familiar place, make sure you don't lock them up. Does you dog like to sit in his crate? Leave it open so your dog can leave it when they are frightened.
  • Of course it's better to keep your dog indoors when there are fireworks. Because of his/her fear, they can become disoriented and run away, unable to find their way back home.
  • If your dog stays home alone, make sure that he/she has enough water so they can drink when the fear is reduced. It is also recommended that you leave your dog in a room with good insulation against noise. If possible, look for a dogsitter who will walk your dog before and after the fireworks.
  • An anxious or frightened dog can display weird behaviour, like barking or howling. Don't discipline your dog because this only raises their stress levels. Ignoring them isn't a good way to deal with the stress either. Your dog needs you at this moment. Stay close and comfort him/her.
  • One of the best ways to prepare your dog is to make loud bangs or to play firework sounds. You can do this just before dinner, before a walk of before playing. This customisation to noise can take up to 3 to 4 months. If you don't have that much time, use this tip in combination with other tips.
  • Help your dog in a natural way using Bach Flowers. Bach Flower mix 100 helps your dog to remain calm and be less afraid of loud explosions. It is recommended you start Bach flowers with your dog two weeks in advance. You can do this in combination with the above tips. When your dog becomes more stressed during the night of the fireworks, you can increase the frequency of the intake of Bach Flowers. Read more about Bach Flower mix 100.

These tips are not only useable with fireworks. Many dogs are also afraid from lightning and thunder for example. These tips can help you with storms. And remember, it's not just dogs who are afraid of loud explosions, cats and horses don't like these loud sounds either.


Bach flowers mix 100: Fear of fireworks with dogs

Bach flowers mix  100 helps your dog to:

  • Reduce his fear of fire works and loud explosions;
  • avoid sudden uncleanliness;
  • avoid hiding and seeking shelter;
  • avoid excessive barking or howling.
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